Social Diversity: Definition & Types

Social Diversity is the differences seen in a particular society in the case of religion, culture, economic status etc. If the people of a particular society belong to different religions, cultural backgrounds, social status, economic status, linguistic environment etc., this phenomena is called social diversity. Social diversity is regarded as something which makes this universe more livable and attractive. The countries like India are well known for their diversified nature in a variety of aspects such as faith, rituals and customs, geographical differences, linguistic elements and other social aspects.


Different Types of Social Diversity  

Social diversity can be classified into different categories on the basis of the criteria on which the difference in a particular society is determined and defined. The following are the different types of diversity which are commonly seen in our universe.


Religious Diversity

Now there are a number of religious entities in this world. In some countries people of different religions live together at the same localities. These religions contribute more to to the social diversity with religious centres like Mosques, Churches, Temples etc. They have also contributed with different sorts of rituals, celebrations, prayers, philosophies and scriptures. The major religions exist in this world are Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and thousands of other subdivisions of different major religions.

Linguistic Diversity

If the people of a particular society interact with others by making use of a variety of languages, the society can be said to have linguistic diversity. Some countries or societies have got different languages with lots of sub versions. Linguistic diversity gives extra charm to such societies, as such societies possess different kinds of literary writings and linguistic symbols. More over language is one of the most important aspects of culture. So a society in which people who speak in different languages can boast of a centre of different cultural entities.

Racial Diversity

There are plenty of races in this world. Some countries keep a variety of ethnic groups with them. The factors such as migration, military invasion, inter-racial marriages, etc. may be regarded as the major cause behind the existence of different races in some countries. And it is a commonly seen trend that some races are approached in a gentle manner while some others are always treated in a humiliating manner.

Cultural Diversity

culture can be defined as the style or mode of life that a particular society follows. In a detailed manner, culture can be explained as the sum totality of the social existence of a particular society which includes its rituals, customs, celebrations, dress code, language, mode of relationship between and among the people etc. Culture is a term which is often mistaken as civilization. If a person is seen with the skin of an animal on his body, people use to call him ‘culture-less’. Actually, it is a part of his culture. Some countries are fortunate to have different types and levels of culture. When there are different cultural entities in a society, it gives beauty and charm to that society.

Individual diversity

Individual diversity is also regarded as a major type of social diversity, now a days. What is individual diversity? It is nothing else, but the difference seen in the individual traits like intelligence, IQ, enthusiasm, attitude, aptitude, approach, vision, and other personality traits among the individuals of a particular social group, regardless to their social or cultural backgrounds. This is a modern concept, and this is the major factor which is highly regarded in the modern professional world. The multi national companies or business bosses never gives any attention towards which family or community or country that you belong to. They are bothered about what you are and what you can i.e. whether you are able to attract the customers with your communication skill and personality. Such a trend has been seen in the academic field,too. A teacher should not bother about the family backgrounds of the students nor the economic status of them. It is the teacher’s duty is to accept the individual diversity in his classroom, and mold each one of the students on the basis of his or her attitude, aptitude and other individual traits.


Sexual Diversity:

Another type of diversity which is seen all over the world almost among all the society is sexual diversity. Men community, women folk,and hijdaa were the major groups in this category. And now, with the advancement of modern science and technology there are new varieties such as people who were born men and later transformed into women, and those who were born women and later transformed  into men. This diversity has produced different topics for discussion, too, such as gender, gender equality, gender bias, gender dominance, sexual harassment, etc. This diversity is significant in the case of education, as creating a positive attitude towards the strengths and limitations of each sexual group is important for the balance of a society.

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Geographical Diversity

It is yet another kind of diversity which is seen in different countries. Some countries are blessed with different types of geographical areas such as mountains, lakes, sea shores, forests, etc. This geographical diversity causes for the emergence of some other varieties, too. This type of diversity influences the colour of people, their attitude, life style, philosophy, behavior, dress code, diet, etc.

Positive Diversity and Negative Diversity

Diversity can be classified in to another two categories on the basis of how people approach to diversities in their own society or country as positive diversity and negative diversity. Diversity becomes positive when the members of different religious groups, ethnic groups or any other social groups live together in harmony without violating the rights and interests of the members of other groups. And diversity becomes highly negative when the members of different groups are not ready to adjust with others and to respect the views and rights of the members of other groups.


About Hathib KK

I am an Assistant Professor of Education in a reputed BEd. College under the title Keyi Sahib Training College in India.

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