Psycho Osmosis:Do We Go Back?


Day by day, we are fortunate enough to get new concepts and theories in the field of psychology as in any other discipline. Psycho osmosis one of the latest terms that modern psychology has contributed to the ocean of knowledge at this era of navigationism. What is psycho osmosis? What are the educational implications of psycho osmosis? Let me try to answer these questions so that those who are in search of different perspectives of psycho osmosis may feel relaxed and satisfied.

Psycho osmosis is a modern concept or theory that the answer of a question which a person fail to find out even after deliberately thinking and reasoning for hours and hours, may naturally emerge into his mind in the very next day when he wakes up from a deep sleep. Psycho osmosis  put forth the idea of intuition in learning and remembering process. Thanks to Carl Jung and his collective unconsciousness. We may recall the words of the king who provides unprecedented motivation and inspiration to Santiago, the protagonist of Paulo Coihlos’s  master piece  ‘The Alchemist’, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Each thing has to transform itself into something better, and to acquire a new Personal Legend, until, someday, the Soul of the World becomes one thing only”.

All of us might have experienced this several times during our life time. But in the past we had got no technical or scientific term for that, and modern psychology has done it, too, for us by contributing a new term i.e. psycho osmosis to the glossary of psychological terms. Though psychology , as Robert S Woodworth viewed, “First psychology lost its soul, then it lost its mind, then it lost consciousness; it still has behavior, of a kind”, still psychology goes on trying to define the ‘ enigma’ called human mind. Psycho osmosis, once again, forces us to think about the enigmatic nature of human mind and behavior.

Educational Implications of Psycho osmosis.

The teachers or educators should be careful enough to ensure the following tips are followed and strategically implemented so that to elicit more learning outcomes from the learner.

     Give Enough Time to Relax After Each Task:  Never expect from or force the learner to give answers to a question or to solve a problem at once. Rather give him time to relax and empty his mind. You can later see the wonderful effect called psycho osmosis. And see that it is highly significant in a constructive classroom as the learner is expected to construct his own knowledge and solve problems himself. Hence he should be given enough time for thinking and relaxing accordingly.

psycho osmosis
psycho osmosis

Go On Motivating the Learner:

Never write off any of your students because he or she is not able to perform well at present as you expect. Go on motivating them with different types of reinforcement. Your motivation and inspiration will make them keep a relaxed mind, and they will start desiring for performing as you expect from them. This desire and commitment will lead them to hard working. And the hard working tendency will help them get some intuitive knowledge from some unknown sources.

Create Intervals  Between  Academic Sessions :

Time table of the school sessions should be prepared by considering the concept of psycho osmosis, too. You would better arrange some hours for sports and games or something like that after a couple of continuous normal teaching sessions. This may help the students recollect what you had taught, when they get relaxed after indulging in some recreational activities such as sports and games.

Practising Meditations:

Meditation is one of the most useful and effective techniques for getting your mind relaxed. It also gives you some extra positive energy with a sort of unprecedented concentration. regular meditation sessions after highly scheduled academic sessions also will work in an effective manner just as mentioned in the case of recreational activities such as sports and games.  Meditation inspires students to keep an attitude of searching for strange and unknown pieces of knowledge by exploring unknown meadows of knowledge and information.

Psycho osmosis-5

About Hathib KK

I am an Assistant Professor of Education in a reputed BEd. College under the title Keyi Sahib Training College in India.

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