The Benefits and Hidden Perils of Rain


Rain is a precious gift from the ALMIGHTY. Precious means that extremely precious that no one can declare its real value. Thousands of poems and other literary works have so far written on rain. And still people write on it without any hesitation. It provides such a vast and different space for each who wants to say something new about it. If we speak about the benefits or advantages offered by rain, it will be a ceaseless effort. However, I may present before you some of the advantages within the allotted time duration. The most important advantage that it offers is nothing else but availability of drinking water. We cannot even imagine a world without water. Can we think about a life without drinking water? Can we think about a few days without taking bath? Another advantage is that it gives us food, too. Confused? Can we cultivate food grains, vegetables and fruits without rain? Hence, it is a fact that if there is no rain, there is no life. Rain brings greenery to this world. There is nothing else than this greenery which gives us some marvellous mental feeling and relaxation. Rain produces rivers and oceans, which are some inevitable aspects of this world. Rain helps in balancing the climate, too.  Rain always brings us back to some nostalgic feelings of our childhood days. Actually rain is a symbol of innocence. Whenever it rains, we come to remember the joyful moments of our childhood days which were full of innocent deeds such as jumping and wetting ourselves, floating paper boats, speaking to the rain drops, collecting rain waters, playing football amidst raining etc.

benefits and hidden perils of rain-3

People often speak about some hidden perils of rain. Actually rain itself does not carry any peril. But the actions and misdeeds of people often forces rain to bring some perils. Among some visible perils of are the natural calamities such as flood, tsunami, debris flows etc. This is what we have so far seen recently in our Kerala. People believe that this is the biggest natural disaster that our small state has witnessed throughout its history.  Another visual peril of rain is traffic blocks caused by heavy rain. Derailing of trains, disconnection of electricity, disconnection of mobile networks etc. are also some visual perils of rain. But there are some hidden perils which are more enigmatic and painful. When there is heavy rain and natural calamities, schools and colleges cannot work properly. This will lead to decreasing the quality of education. Similarly, heavy rain and its after effects may cause inflation. People become badly in need of food and necessary items, and show readiness to purchase things by giving high price. At the same time, those who are affected by this heavy rain have to face deficiency of necessary goods as they will not be able to buy them by giving high price. Heavy rain affects directly and indirectly, the economic status of a country or society, and centuries may be needed to recover from such high financial losses. When there is heavy rain and natural disasters, the governments are expected to offer distress funds. More over the governments are forced to spend a large amount of revenue for rescue measures as well as the recovery procedures. Similarly governments have to write off the debts of farmers and middle class families who happen to be affected by the disasters. The most painful hidden peril of the rain is that women and children are being exploited during such disasters. It was reported in the past that the women at some relief camps, who had gone for the primary needs had been brutally subjected to sexual harassment.

But I would like to believe that these perils are not the direct product of rain. It is that the greed and exploitative tendency of man creates all such perils. As Froebel, one of the greatest educationists of modern era, we should keep the law of unity. According to his law of unity man and nature are the creatures of one God, and hence man should regard nature as his own part. We should regard nature as a body part. If we stop exploiting the natural resources, we can see that there is no longer any sort of peril out of rain.

About Hathib KK

I am an Assistant Professor of Education in a reputed BEd. College under the title Keyi Sahib Training College in India.

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