Intra-personal Communication:The Silent Weapon for Ultimate Success

The term communication always brings to us a picture of the conversation between two people; among a group of people;a telephonic conversation; a speech delivered to an audience; a teaching session or online chatting and something like that.  And we always boast of having great communication skill with some ability to make use of beautiful words, phrases, proverbs, body language, facial expressions and so and so. Have you ever thought of a sort of  communication which is inevitable in human life. It is purely silent in any sense. Silent communication? Yes entirely silent communication. It does not demand beauty of words nor the tricks to attract the audience. It is nothing else bur intra-personal communication.

What is intra-personal communication? It is, in simple words, inward communication or internal communication. If you have to define it, just do like this. Intra-personal communication is the process of sharing or exchanging information, message, feeling or decisions to one’s own self. We share anything mentioned above with our own mind or self. Here your mind or self becomes two persons. it does not need any ingredient which is necessary for other types of communication such as interpersonal communication, group communication, electronic communication or online communication. Actually, intra-personal communication occurs almost at each and every moment in our life. Dreams, soliloquies, act of selecting an option from alternatives and introspection are some instances for intra-personal communication.

Intra-personal communication is inevitable for all for the better and desirable existence in a society.It is a secret weapon for attaining success in any area of human life. We always tend to be trapped into a variety of failures and flops because of our prejudice and sudden actions. During such occasions some people would never recover from such failures, as they might have lost their confidence. Here comes the importance of introspection. We have to look inwards, and speak to ourselves. We should find out the factors behind our failures. Then we should speak to our mind that the failure will not be repeated in future as the causes behind the failure are going to be reduced, and ultimately vanished. We would better speak to ourselves on such occasions rather than getting advice from others, as only we know the real fractures behind  the failure.

Students always get confused and disappointed inside the examination hall on account of the inability to answer some simple questions even after having much preparation. Self talk would be much effective on such circumstances, too. We should try to explain the concepts and pieces of information to our own mind. It is not just reciting or repeating the sentences written in the reference book mechanically. We should conduct a discussion in our mind on a particular topic by making our mind two persons. Make the two parts of your mind ask questions to each other and produce the answers for the questions. It will make the preparation so live, and you would get rid of the mental fatigue.It would provide you an unprecedented confidence, too. Modern psychologists give prime importance to meaningful learning rather than to concept of mechanical conditioning.intrapersonal communication-7

Taking decisions is something difficult for most of the people. Most of the people get themselves in a dilemma on taking decisions, when there are more than one alternatives. An in-depth discussion in our mind would solve the problem. We should analyse the previous decisions on similar occasions, and diagnose the aftereffects of such decisions. Here also we can make our mind two parts to know about the different possible consequences of different alternatives before us. Such a well organised self talk will help us not get disappointed out of some decisions we take in our life. The ability to take apt decisions on different occasions is one of the most important factors behind success in any walk of our life. How skilfully and marvellously that Shakespeare did depict the tragic and painful consequence of inaction in his so called ‘Hamlet’! Hamlet, the protagonist of this famous play was to face with so painful and miserable end of life only because he was not able to act as the situation demanded.intrapersonal communication-5




About Hathib KK

I am an Assistant Professor of Education in a reputed BEd. College under the title Keyi Sahib Training College in India.

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