Philosophy, in simple words is view of life and related aspects. Every person keeps his own view of life on the basis of his experiences, contacts, readings, life events, thoughts and other aspects of his own life. Each person, in this sense, is believed to be keeping his own philosophy. Still we never call each person a philosopher. Why? If philosophy is view of life, each person who keeps his own perception of life must be regarded a philosopher, you may argue. Let me explain it with an example. See, each of us must have written at least one poem, story or essay during our life time. It shows that all of us keep the skill of writing. But can we call each one a writer? Not at all. Then who is called a writer or author? We offer the title of writer or author only to those who write in a creative manner ie. in a divergent manner. People are entitled with the title of writer or author when they keep a different or innovative style of writing. Similarly we call some people philosophers because they put forth some different or innovative vision of life. The philosophy can be defined as the reflective thoughts on life. 
The term philosophy has been derived from two Latin words ‘ philo’ which convey the meaning ‘love’ and ‘ sophia’ which denotes ‘ wisdom’. In this sense philosophy means love of wisdom. so we will have to elaborate our definition that philosophy is the vision or view on life, derived from intelligent and wise thinking. Wise people make a mental diagnosis of different aspects of life through different dimensions and reach some intelligent conclusion.So a new philosophy gets its birth.

Philosophy has three branches such as Metaphysics, Epistemology and Axiology. Metaphysics as the term itself denotes is that branch of philosophy which deals with the ideological part of life. It answers the questions like what really life is; what the ultimate aim of life is and what aspect of life should be given more importance than other aspects if any. For instance, the metaphysics of idealism states that the spiritual aspect of life is more important than the material aspect while the metaphysics of naturalism advocates vise versa. The second branch of philosophy ie. epistemology is dealing with the origin and nature of knowledge. It answers the questions like what real knowledge is; how knowledge should me transmitted and transacted and what should be the functions and roles of knowledge. For example, idealists give more importance to the sacred nature of knowledge while pragmatism gives preference to the professional aspects of information. Axiology is that branch of philosophy which deals with values. It answers the questions such as what values are; how values should be cultivated and who should decide values. Idealism believes in fixed values while values are flexible as the situation demands, according to pragmatism.

The appetite ​of men for exploring new meadows of knowledge and discovering unknown treasures of universal mystery has led to the emergence of different scientific genres. Each and every science has been a product of man’s ceaseless love of wisdom. Great men often find enjoyment and mental satisfaction by indulging in deep thinking and reasoning.As the most important concern of philosophy is to study the common and fundamental problems like reality of life, human existence, knowledge, values, rationality, ideologies, and linguistic aspects,Philosophy enjoys a significant place above all other sciences.It is different  from other disciplines with its exclusive,critical, and well arranged way of presenting arguments.

About Hathib KK

I am an Assistant Professor of Education in a reputed BEd. College under the title Keyi Sahib Training College in India.

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