What Made Me Love Tamilnadu

I love Tamilnadu. Really I love Tamilnadu.This love goes on increasing and being deepened during my each visit to this southern state of India. I am from Kerala, a neighbour state of Tamilnadu. What made me,in fact, start loving Tamilnadu, and why do I still remain so? There are a variety of factors which led me love this Dravidian state.

The whole Thamil air is innocent. Where ever you go, whether rural, urban or sub-urban areas, in Tamilnadu, you would smell and taste this unprecedented innocence. It was this innocent air which made me fall in something like love at first sight with Tamilnadu. Seek the help of anyone at the bus bay or bus stand to get informed with the this and that of the bus by which you have to continue your journey. He would bring you to the spot where the buses to the directions where you have to go, come and halt for a while, rather than staying at his spot and hinting the spot of your bus. He would not stop by this.He would offer you a talk or description for three or more minutes on the buses to your direction. He would rush to you, if you get in a bus, telling you that this particular bus would take more time to reach your destination, as it takes a different route. He would behave just as it was his duty to ensure your comfort-ability. I have tasted this innocence several times, and still the taste remains in each of my veins and blood drops. Innocence is the most precious trait of your character. Hypocrisy is the worst,as well.

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Tamilnadu is an eye candy place even with its extremely hot climate and dusty surroundings.Though I am not a geographical or environmental expert, this dusty echo system is something natural, an outcome of the hot climate. However the administrators try their level best to keep the high ways and streets as clean as possible. Most of the people here are with a pure black or mixed complexion. Still a sort of charm you would see on their faces, may be because of the innocence in their inner self. The people of Tamilnadu are born farmers. They would cultivate whatever they feel that possible to do on their soil. Long and big paddy fields are usual scenes during the train journeys in Tamilnadu. They cultivate almost all the things- sugar-cane, sun flower, wheat, oats, coconut and so and so.The sun flower fields would bring you to the ecstasy of joy and relaxation. Tamilnadu always remains a manufacturer state rather then a consumer state because of this innate agricultural taste of its people.

Tamil people are real secularists. It is so exciting that Tamil Hindus are real practising    Hindus. You cannot see anyone else from anywhere else in India who is more Hindu than Tamil people. Religious rituals and customs are immersed in each and every aspect of the day to day life People of Tamilnadu. Still they keep admirable mutual understanding and respect with the members of other religions. I had an experience when I was an MEd. student of Annamalai University Campus. I happened to meet and became a close friend of one of the office attenders at the University during my final semester. His name was Sitaram. One day I visited his home, accepting his invitation. Actually he was a land lord at his village. He had a very vast paddy field. He brought me to the paddy field and explained me about different aspects of agriculture. I could meet the workers at the field. It was pre-smart phone era. Still we took snaps with the workers. I had  a plan to leave the place just after having the lunch with him, as I had been afraid that I could not perform the prayer at noon. But he really surprised me by showing me the west direction, and requesting me to perform the prayer at his room. His room was full of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. I hadn’t mentioned anything about my prayer to him. After the prayer, we had our lunch. Then he requested me to take rest by sleeping on the cot. And I slept there till the evening. Then we had a cup of tea and snacks. He brought me on his bike to my room, as well. Wonderful piece of secularism, you may call it.

Tamil people are workaholic, as well. They are ready to do any type of work. They are the living instances for dignity of labour. They work hard, too. I have always felt that it is because they always enjoy any type of work, that they never get bored or tired with it. They wake up at early morning, and start their professional life as early as possible. Just travel by Government owned buses in Tamilnadu. You would see middle aged women who, at dawn, would bring vegetables and fruits  to be sold at foot paths and street corners. Instead of wasting time by waiting for white collar jobs, they get themselves on action. At the same time they would be in search of some better jobs suited to their qualification. In this regard, they are real pragmatists. They enjoy working from very morning to the late evening, and they really enjoy when having their food. Just look at their face when they take food. You can realise that they enjoy it. You may eat or drink something by enjoying it, only when you do have it after doing some work.

Tamil people keep great simplicity in their life. They not at all want to show their richness to any one. You can see this simplicity in almost all the walks of their life. They always take simple and healthy food. They never wear luxurious garments. The rich professionals and VIPs in Tamilnadu are ready to travel by bus or to ride bicycle.  I and my friends stayed at the home of a staff of Annamalai University library, when we were students of Annamalai University. Actually it was a newly built home when we started residing there. Actually it was built for him and his family, consisting his wife and two children. He left the home for us for rent, and stayed at the up-stair of the home. Actually it was not a well-built up-stair. He just made something like a hut on the terrace of his newly built home and stayed there. At Annamalai University, the professors and lecturers always came by riding bicycles. Tamil people always give prime importance to the inner self rather than to the peripheral beauty, though they admire super stars of the celluloid. Tamil, the language of the people of Tamilnadu, has got a sort of melodious taste and smell. It is simple, but poetic. It has got some rhythm. Your aesthetic sense will be aroused even when you happen to listen to the casual talk among some common folk of Thamilnadu. The charm and beauty of words, and the rhythmic  endings of words and sentences make their conversation so attractive.

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About Hathib KK

I am an Assistant Professor of Education in a reputed BEd. College under the title Keyi Sahib Training College in India.

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