Oriental- Occidental Controversy

Oriental-Occidental Controversy was an ideological conflict between two groups of people in India during the British colonial rule. The ideological quarrel was related to the organization of modern education India. Britishers started organizing the formal educational system in India only during the first half of the 19th century, though they had reached India during the […]

Downward Filtration Theory

Downward Filtration Theory is a theory introduced by Lord Macaulay in his famous Macaulay’s Minutes of 1835 which was submitted to then Governor General of  British India for solving some problems related to the educational system in India during those days. Actually Macaulay was assigned the duty of studying the real background of the Oriental- […]

Macaulay’s Minutes : A Critical Analysis

Britishers started giving education to Indians during the first part of nineteenth century, as they were badly in need of office workers for running their rule  in India in a more effective manner. As it was a Himalayan task to bring office workers from Britain, they decided to give modern education to Indians. They published […]

What Made Me Love Tamilnadu

I love Tamilnadu. Really I love Tamilnadu.This love goes on increasing and being deepened during my each visit to this southern state of India. I am from Kerala, a neighbour state of Tamilnadu. What made me,in fact, start loving Tamilnadu, and why do I still remain so? There are a variety of factors which led […]

Home Language and School Language:What Should be done by Teachers?

There is a huge difference between the home language and school language. Home language is the language used by the students during their off-school hours at their home or locality when being a part of daily conversations and interactions. School language is the medium of instruction used by the teachers when transacting curricular items. Students […]


It is a glance at the difference between learning a language and learning about language. It looks whether learning a language and learning about language is the same concept. It also verifies whether grammar is important in communicating in a particular language. It shows the difference between learning of grammatical rules and ability to use accurate grammar.

Salient Features of Vedic Education

Vedic Education is the system of education prevailed in India during the so called Vedic age in India i.e. fro 1500 B.C. to 600 or 500 B.C. There are different views on the time span of Vedic Age in India. The people who believe that the real starting of Vedic age is the arrival of […]

Education as the Dynamic Side of Philosophy

It is an article on the relationship between philosophy and education. It describes how education becomes a dynamic side of philosophy, and how philosophy determines almost all aspects of education such as aims of education, teaching methodology, role of teacher, discipline in an educational system and curriculum of an educational system.


Philosophy, in simple words is view of life and related aspects. Every person keeps his own view of life on the basis of his experiences, contacts, readings, life events, thoughts and other aspects of his own life. Each person, in this sense, is believed to be keeping his own philosophy. Still we never call each […]

Intra-personal Communication:The Silent Weapon for Ultimate Success

The term communication always brings to us a picture of the conversation between two people; among a group of people;a telephonic conversation; a speech delivered to an audience; a teaching session or online chatting and something like that.  And we always boast of having great communication skill with some ability to make use of beautiful […]

The Benefits and Hidden Perils of Rain

  Rain is a precious gift from the ALMIGHTY. Precious means that extremely precious that no one can declare its real value. Thousands of poems and other literary works have so far written on rain. And still people write on it without any hesitation. It provides such a vast and different space for each who […]

Psycho Osmosis:Do We Go Back?

  Day by day, we are fortunate enough to get new concepts and theories in the field of psychology as in any other discipline. Psycho osmosis one of the latest terms that modern psychology has contributed to the ocean of knowledge at this era of navigationism. What is psycho osmosis? What are the educational implications […]

Social Diversity: Definition & Types

Social Diversity is the differences seen in a particular society in the case of religion, culture, economic status etc. If the people of a particular society belong to different religions, cultural backgrounds, social status, economic status, linguistic environment etc., this phenomena is called social diversity. Social diversity is regarded as something which makes this universe […]

Language Across Curriculum: A Post Modern Trend in Language Teaching

Language Across Curriculum is a modern concept that a foreign or second language should be taught out of the traditional language classroom by using contextual and content based language teaching methodologies throughout the school hours. Hence it demands that language learning should occur in language classroom as well as other subject classrooms. Principles behind Language […]

فلسفة:الرؤية الصحيحة علي الحياة

الفلسفة باختصار هي الرؤية أو الرؤية للحياة والجوانب الأخرى المتعلقة بحياتنا وهذا الكون .. وبهذا المعنى ، يمكن لكل شخص أن يكون محاطًا بفيلسوف ، حيث يقال دائمًا أن كل واحد لديه رؤيته الخاصة أو عرض للحياة. لكننا لا ندعو كل واحد منهم فيلسوفاً ولا نعتبر الرأي الذي يطرحه كل شخص بشيء يسمى الفلسفة أو هكذا. ما هو السبب وراء ذلك؟ إذا كان كل واحد لديه وجهة نظره الخاصة للحياة وهذا الكون ، وإذا كانت النظرة إلى الحياة وهذا الكون هي الفلسفة ، لا ينبغي لنا أن نسميها جميعًا فيلسوفًا ولا ينبغي لنا أن نعتبرها وجهات نظر خاصة بها فلسفة؟