Wood’s Dispatch: The Magna Carta of Indian Education

The Charter Act of 1813 in British India commenced the modern education on India officially by the British East India Company, though the Christian missionaries had started spreading modern education in India before that. The Charter Act decided to issue a fiscal support of Rs. One Hundred Thousand to the existing indigenous educational institutions in […]

Downward Filtration Theory

Downward Filtration Theory is a theory introduced by Lord Macaulay in his famous Macaulay’s Minutes of 1835 which was submitted to then Governor General of  British India for solving some problems related to the educational system in India during those days. Actually Macaulay was assigned the duty of studying the real background of the Oriental- […]

Macaulay’s Minutes : A Critical Analysis

Britishers started giving education to Indians during the first part of nineteenth century, as they were badly in need of office workers for running their rule  in India in a more effective manner. As it was a Himalayan task to bring office workers from Britain, they decided to give modern education to Indians. They published […]

Salient Features of Vedic Education

Vedic Education is the system of education prevailed in India during the so called Vedic age in India i.e. fro 1500 B.C. to 600 or 500 B.C. There are different views on the time span of Vedic Age in India. The people who believe that the real starting of Vedic age is the arrival of […]